Zoomlock Kit is an Investment Decision

In this episode, I talk about tool expenses and decisions like whether you should buy a Zoomlock kit .  I talk about the differences between being an employee, a lone wolf, and an entrepreneur when it comes to lifestyle, expenses, and income.  Strategically, you need to decide which one of these categories you belong in so you can be clear on the decisions you make toward achieving your career or business goals.

Employee – this is the easy choice and where almost everyone starts.  Go to work for someone else and give it all you’ve got.  As an employee, you’ll learn the trade from others, learn how the business works and how other companies run their business, and make connections in the trade.  If you decide you’d like to work for yourself or grow a business, this will be great experience.

Lone Wolf – Lone wolves are self-employed – they work alone primarily and have no desire to grow a business.  I don’t consider them entrepreneurs because they’re not concerned about growing beyond their own capacity.  Typically, word of mouth marketing can satisfy the work needs of a lone wolf though they’d be well served by using some marketing and sales strategy to maximize their income.

Entrepreneur – building a business and working every day to get yourself out of the field.  Entrepreneurs have clear business objectives and they’re taking active steps to achieve them.  When they’re ready to retire from their businesses, succesful entrepreneurs will be able to continue to run their businesses with minimal involvement or sell them for profit.

After the strategy talk, I share a brief overview of my own story – what types of jobs I had from high school until now and my education and career progression.  I forgot to talk about why I chose the HVAC industry but if you remind me, I’ll discuss that in a future episode.

I also shared 2 tactics for the HVAC industry – one for employees and one for lone wolves and entrepreneurs.  Check out the episode for those.

If you’re new to the site, you might also want to check out the previous episode about using an HVAC answering service.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Carpenter, the CEO of Centratel, the highest quality answering service in the US.

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