Are you ready to learn how to get clients to chase you instead of the other way around?  In this episode, I discuss the basics of starting off on the right foot with marketing a lone wolf OR entrepreneurial venture in HVAC.

  1. Brand Promise.  Who is your customer, specifically?  Think narrow here, not broad.  What, specifically, do they want?  What can you promise them that no one else in your market is promising?
  2. Referral strategy – the least expensive and most effective marketing strategy for a service business is referrals.  If you have a great promise and you do great work, it will be easy to get referrals from the clients you serve.
  3. Off Season Strategy – The HVAC business is one of many that typically has a busy season and an off-season.  Use strategies to push work from your busy season to your off season to balance things out.  In the off season, do as much preventative maintenance as you can, work on business development, and take a vacation to recharge before you hit the busy season again.

Recently, I heard some advice for the lone wolf that I disagree with.  In this episode, I share what it was and why I disagree:

  1. Online marketers can’t help the lone wolf.  Many online marketers you encounter are not worth your time or dollars.  But, don’t discount online marketers or online marketing.  In the next episode, I’m going to dig deeper on this topic, specifically Google AdWords.
  2. Facebook Advertising is Good for Lone Wolfs.  I disagree.  I think if you nail your Brand Promise, Referral Strategy, and Off Season Strategy, you don’t need Facebook advertising.  Also, if you haven’t nailed those three, your Facebook advertising isn’t going to be very effective and you could potentially lose a lot of money on it.  It has its place but I don’t believe the lone wolf should play in this fire – at least alone.
  3. You Have to Have YouTube Videos.  I 100% totally and completely disagree with this.  Videography, even mediocre videography takes a LOT of time to do well.  It’s not worth your time as a lone wolf to invest in this.

Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Choose You

  1. I don’t know you exist.
  2. I’m not aware of what you offer.
  3. I don’t trust you.
  4. I don’t believe your promise.
  5. I worry about what my peers will think.
  6. I have different goals than you think I do.
  7. I have a different risk profile than you think I do.
  8. I tell myself a different story about money than you think I do.
  9. I can wait and there doesn’t feel like there’s any benefit for acting soon.
  10. I don’t have the resources, can’t find the resources, won’t pay the price to get the resources.

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