I trust all these resources – they wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.  That said, at times, I use different ones for different purposes.  And, some of them I don’t use at all because they’re not a good fit for my own business.  If they’re here and I don’t use them, it’s because I trust them for some other reason but haven’t reached the point in my business where I need them.

If you have questions about whether it’s right for you, get in touch and I’ll try to help you decide.  For each one, I’ll let you know if I’m an affiliate for them and if I use them in my own business or not and why.

Original Resources

These resources are original to HVACLadder.

Apple Podcast App HOWTO – If you have an iPhone or iPad and you’d like to use it to listen to the HVACLadder podcast and/or other podcasts, watch this quick tutorial that will walk you through how to do that.

HVAC Easy Monthly Budget Sheet – In episode 6, I discuss where the big money in HVAC is.  Be sure to listen to that and download the easy monthly budget worksheet to help you keep track of where you are financially.

Budget Sheet Thumbnail

Download HVAC Easy Monthly Budget Sheet

Business Services

Centratel Telephone Answering Service (affiliate) Every service business serious about serving customers must have a telephone answering service.  I interviewed Sam Carpenter, the CEO of Centratel, and I’ve also read his book “Working the System”.  Based on talking with him and reading how he took Centratel from a failing to a thriving business over the past 30 years, I would absolutely sign up for his service.  I currently do not use the service but I am strongly considering it, even though my call volume is very low and I don’t run a field service business.


Namecheap (affiliate)  Domain registration only.  If you have a website, you’re using a domain name.  It’s what you type at the top of your browser to go to your website.  I personally believe the company you use for your name registration should be kept separate from other services related to your website so I only use Namecheap for domain registration.

Bluehost (affiliate) To have a web site, you need hosting.  Basically, this is leased space on a server that shares all your great web content to the world.  I’ve used Bluehost for several WordPress sites I’ve built and it works very well for me.  This site is currently hosted by Bluehost.


If you have concerns about any of these resources, feel free to contact me.  I’m delighted to answer any questions you have about them.