My mission is HVAC career growth – to inform, encourage, and empower you to advance to your next step in HVAC.  I will transform you from curious, uneasy and unsure about your future to informed, decisive and confident that you’re on the right track.  It is my sincere desire for you to be successful in the HVAC trade and in life.

Here is how I’ll help.

I’m producing and offering free resources that inform and encourage. Whether you’re just thinking about going into the HVAC trade or you’re already working in it, take advantage of the resources here to learn and improve.  Go ahead, grab the next rung on the ladder – one step at a time.

In addition to the free resources, I’ll offer paid resources more focused on specific needs and objectives of the community.  Paid resources will be more in depth and provide additional value over what the free resources offer.  You’re welcome to soak up all the free you can get and just hang out.  If you really want to make big strides, check out the paid resources – they’re designed to take you far, fast.

This mission is funded by paid resources as well as partnerships with affiliates.  I am extremely selective about which companies I recommend and partner with in affiliate relationships.  I only have affiliate relationships with brands I currently use, have used in the recent past, or have multiple peers using and recommending.  To be completely open with you, I also make it clear when recommending a brand if I have an affiliate relationship with them.  When you support the affiliates, you are also supporting me and this mission.

To start your focus on HVAC career growth and learn more about the trade, jump in and let’s get started.  Also, feel free to connect with me any time and share your thoughts – good or bad.


JR Lawhorne

P.S.  I’m not an HVAC technician but I’ve been a helper for the past 25 years or so.  This is my dad – he’s the HVAC technician, retired.  In the photo, he’s welding a broken damper part to my outdoor wood furnace.  I took a different career path but that’s a story for another time.

Dad Welding