HVAC Answering Service

What happens when you don’t answer the phone?  It’s pretty simple – you lose business.  When customers really need to talk to you, a human better answer when they call.  Want to answer your phone 24/7?  What about when you’re already on the phone?  If you don’t have one, you seriously need to look into using an HVAC answering service.

Use an HVAC answering service to not lose business.

Benefits of an Answering Service

  • Everything gets captured, nothing gets LOST which means more business.
  • Screening – wrong numbers, telemarketing, out of service area calls never bother you.
  • Procedures are handled exactly the same by each representative.
  • Messages get relayed to you based on their priority and importance which YOU decide.
  • Customers can contact you any time for appointment cancelations, saving you time and money.
  • After hours, non emergency calls can be logged and you can call them back during business hours.
  • Emergency calls can be passed through to you.
  • Complex sets of rules can be used about who to contact and in what circumstances.
  • Call routing based on where the client is located if you have different techs covering different regions.
  • Call routing based on the type of call – sales vs. service, for example.


How does it Work?

A specialist works with you to figure out your script when they answer your phone.  The specialist makes recommendations based on what works with other HVAC clients.  You decide how you want the phone answered and how they process all your calls.

If the message is something simple and not urgent, they can save it and send it to you during business hours.  If the caller says it’s an emergency, they can patch that call through to you as well as follow a protocol for who to contact in that situation.  They can also be sure the caller is aware of any emergency call-out fees you charge before they bother you.

Messages are usually delivered back to you via text message.  They can also be sent in other ways.

How does Centratel Compare?

They have 300+ HVAC accounts.

Customer reported error rate (wrong number or wrong name, etc.) is 1 in 15,000 calls, very high quality.

All calls are answered in Bend, Oregon by accent neutral representatives.  There are NO off-shored calls.

They don’t sound like robots, they’re real people and act like it but they’re all trained to handle calls exactly the same for each client so you get the same experience and quality no matter which representative is answering your calls.  Reps are also evaluated every month on a random set of calls for the potential to get up to a 35% bonus of their previous month’s pay.

Costs for service start at about $59 for 30-40 messages and average around $250/month for about 300 messages.  300 messages per month is about 10 per day.  The cost is based on operator time and number of messages.  To figure out exactly what it would cost you, take advantage of a no-cost trial of the service for a month to see what your expenses would be if you decided to continue with them.

An HVAC answering service ensures you don’t lose business by dropping calls.  The reps gather information quickly and super efficiently.  Take care of the clients you’ve got.  Capture new business.  Use an HVAC answering service!

Centratel 30 Day Free Trial