In this episode, I talk with Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Benefits of FilterFetch

  • Convenience for homeowners and building owners – they get reminders when filters should be ordered and changed and shipped exactly what they need.
  • Professional HVAC technicians (You) are adding value to your relationship with your customers by offering this service.
  • You decide what to charge for the filters over their wholesale cost and you get a check each month for your sales.
  • Jackson Systems makes it easy for you to setup and manage over time.
  • Average HVAC companies are bringing in $1,000/month in FilterFetch sales – some up to $2,000/month and increasing.

Private Label Thermostat Branding

  • Jackson Systems also offers, at no cost, private label branding of thermostats.
  • Send them your logo, order your thermostats, and get them shipped back to you with a super quick turn-around.
  • Customers will see your logo and your phone number every time they visit their thermostat.


To get started with FilterFetch or for more information, call 888.652.9663

Visit them on the web:

Here’s a video from Jackson Systems that also explains how FilterFetch works: